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The Cow Says Moo  

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5 out of 5 stars!

...excellent family friendly strategies to use during daily activities
 ...easy to read and understand for families
                                                                        - daisyqc 98
...put many of our fears to rest
...gave us the strategies and advice we needed
...we highly recommend this book
                                                                      - superjoe300
This book gave me a great overview and suggestions on how to deal with my grandson's learning delays, (he was 3 months premature and is catching up fast). It's a quick read and offers tons of hand-on help. 

                                                                                                                                   - gerhildhub


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Is my child a late talker or should I be concerned?  

My child pulls me to what he wants instead of talks, should I be worried?    

Will sign language stop my child from talking?

Do these questions sound familiar? You are not alone. Millions of parents ask the same questions about their child’s speech every day! Empower yourself to help your child now with The Cow Says Moo, an early intervention guide that will teach you the best, easy-to-use, proven strategies for helping children learn to communicate!


In 10 easy-to-follow tips, The Cow Says Moo provides the same proven, common sense strategies that are used by practitioners who provide direct home-based speech therapy to toddlers and their families.

Tip 1: Do What Does Not Come Naturally shows you how to give your child a reason to talk.

Tip 2: Juice or Milk? explains how to provide your child with more opportunities to expand his language skills.

Tip 3: Simple Signs explains how you can use sign language to help your child make the connection that language has a purpose.

Tip 4: Be Silly shows you how to incorporate silliness into everyday situations in order to promote listening skills.

Tip 5: Talk It Out! explains how verbalizing your own actions and those of your child expose your child to different aspects of language, speech, and communication.

Tip 6: Keep It Moving! explains how you can use oral motor exercises in order to help your child practice the mouth movements that are vital for speech.

Tip 7: The Cow Says Moo shows you how to help your child find the right word.

Tip 8: Break It Down shows you how to break words down into smaller components so that your child can communicate more effectively.

Tip 9: Get Your Groove On shows you how to pair movement with sound in order to help your child learn language through a sensation other than sound.

Tip 10: Books, Books, and More Books shows you how to incorporate books into your strategy for encouraging language development.

The Cow Says Moo also contains songs and rhymes, a recommended book list, contact information for U.S. and Canadian early intervention programs, and simple sign language for toddlers.

Look no further to get started on helping your child to talk! The Cow Says Moo delivers speech therapy at a level that the average parent can understand and implement.

The Cow Says Moo is available in multiple formats, including paperback, eBook (Kindle, Nook) and Apple iPad and iBook.

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